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Georgina Fennessy

Violin/Fiddle, Guitar, beginners Piano, Ukulele, TinWhistle/Feadóg Mór

After living in Cork for over 8 years, studying and teaching, she returned here to Galway and continues teaching a variety of instruments to a variety of age groups. She graduated with a BA Music from UCC, and hopes to continue her studies in

the future. She works with students one on one, as well as groups.

Her main instrument is the violin/fiddle, where is was both classically and traditionally trained. Shs has completed her Grade 8 on the violin as a  young teenager, as well as completed many smaller music and education related courses throughout her lifetime since. She has been incredibly involved with orchestras and music groups throughout her lifetime, such as the Galway Youth Orchestra for over 11 years as a child and teen, where she worked her way up to perform as the leader of the orchestra playing in the National Concert Hall in Dublin, as well as being the Co founder and creator of the UCC orchestra society during her time in college. She now performs with different groups, such as the Galway Strings, and a couple of different bands and groups, mainly singing with the guitar and piano, and playing the violin or cello.

Georgina Fennessy
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