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Rules and Regulations



Enrolment for lessons and courses requires full names of students being enrolled and their parents/guardians and/or any other persons who regularly drop off or pick up children. Full contact details including email and mobile numbers is also required. Full payment of tuition fees is required before or on commencement of lessons. Every effort is made to assign preferred class times and teaching staff to students, however it is not always possible.




As we have normally have very limited availability after the commencement of the academic year and initial annual intake of new students, parents are requested to advise teachers or the school director Jamie O'Neill of any changes in their circumstances. Otherwise your weekly lesson time is held for you.




One-to-one (Private) Lesson  times will be filled on a first come, first served basis.


Pairs Lessons are only available where students have a previous association via school, work or family. Booking of pairs lessons cannot be confirmed until both parties have completed enrolment forms and paid tuition fees. Galway Music Academy is not responsible for establishing pairs lessons and reserves the right to discontinue pairs lessons at any time.


Group Lessons will be arranged on an age-group and musical ability/experience basis. The school reserves the right to discontinue an individual students’ participation in group lessons at any time.


Attendance Policy


Payment must be made for all lessons and classes booked, whether taken or missed. Please inform your teacher or the school directly as soon as possible (preferably no later than  24 hours in advance) if a student will be absent. Other than in the case of ongoing or long term illness or injury, Galway Music Academy is not obliged to refund missed lesson fees or make up lessons. 


In the case of the teacher being absent, students will be given the option of taking a make-up lesson with their own teacher or continuing their lesson/s with a qualified substitute teacher.





Students are expected to be on time for lessons. Students who arrive late for lessons will not be given extra time beyond the scheduled lesson time. Any lessons missed through the fault of the student will not be made up, nor will classes be made up in the case of very late or last minute notice of absence.          




Students wishing to withdraw from tuition during school terms must inform the school in writing before refund of tuition fees can be arranged.


Curriculum, Exams and Grades


Galway Music Academy provides tuition in Trinity College music grades and examinations across all instruments, including Rock and Pop. The Trinity College syllabus ( is supplemented by our own additional curriculum resources which reflect the school’s emphasis on Practical Musicianship. Trinity College grades are internationally recognized and the examination process is both rigorous and independent. This system encourages teachers, students and the school to perform at their best.

Students and parents should be aware that participation in the Trinity College grades and exams process involves a further financial commitment (approximately €30 extra each year for grades books and examinations) beyond Galway Music Academy’s tuition fees, therefore, it is not compulsory to undertake music grades, though it is encouraged. 

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