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Galway Music Academy Fees

School Year 2023/24

Term 1 2023/24 14 weeks (September to December)

Individual Lessons - 1 x 30 minute private lesson per week: €322 (Online) €350 (Renmore and Claregalway) €364 (Oranmore)* 

Sibling Lessons -  2 x 30 minute private lessons per week: €644 (Online)€672 (Renmore and Claregalway) €700 (Oranmore)


Group Lessons - 1 x 1 hour Group Lesson per week: €210 or €112 if already enrolled in Private Lessons


Fee Per Lesson - €23 (Online) €25 (Renmore and Claregalway) €26 (Oranmore)


*Please note, our fees are slightly higher in Oranmore due to higher running costs.

You can join lessons at any time during the term (depending on availability) and fees are adjusted accordingly: For example, start week 5 in Claregalway, 10 weeks remaining in term = 10 x €25 or €250.  

There are 35 weeks in the full school year 2023/24


Booking Process


1. Fill Out an Enrollment form and choose your preferred payment method:

Upfront Per Ter

Example: Term 1 2023/24 350

Monthly Installments

Example: School Year €875/ 10 Monthly payments of €87.50

Weekly Payments

Example: €25 per week

2. We will contact you to discuss your enrollment requirements and schedule your lessons. 

3. We send you a Stripe hosted invoice based on your enrollment and payment schedule. Lessons will not commence until payment is made.   

IMPORTANT  INFORMATION: All payment plans are flexible and can be cancelled, along with lessons, with 24 hours notice. Please read our cancellation policy here (link)

From September 2023 we use Stripe facilitated billing and SEPA direct debit payments for all transactions. Credit card fees are very high and we prefer not to pass these onto you. However, if you prefer credit card billing we will send you a quote.

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