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Camila Maia


Camila is a multi-instrumentalist and music tutor born in São Paulo - Brazil, now living in

Galway. She has been teaching flute and piano for over a decade, covering a wide

variety of genres and styles including Classical, Trad and World Music.

She has contributed to the Irish traditional music scene in South America with her band

“Oran” hosting sessions, teaching and collaborating with the Irish Consulate of

São Paulo.

As a performer, she played the flute and piccolo in the Orquestra Filarmônica Santo Amaro, and toured in festivals around Brazil and European countries like France (Brittany), Spain (Galicia), Italy and Ireland. She is currently is a member of projects like Galway Choro Ensemble, Al Andar Flamenco, Duo Maia Benzoni and Sin a Deir Si.

Camila Maia
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