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Barry Caufield

Violin/Fiddle, Piano, Voice

Barry's journey in the world of music began when he started playing the violin at the young age of 5, followed by the piano at 10. This early start laid the foundation for his musical prowess.

Barry holds a Bachelor of Music Degree from Maynooth University and a Professional Masters in Education from NUIG. Additionally, he has a Professional Diploma in Community and Group Music Teaching (RIAM), enhancing his skills in reaching and inspiring diverse groups of students.

With a history as a private instructor and at a music school in Ennis, Co. Clare, Barry has had the pleasure of guiding students on their musical journeys. His teaching adventures have extended beyond Ireland, including classroom settings in the Middle-East.

As a resident singer and musician at the world-famous Bunratty Castle, Barry has immersed himself in the rich heritage of Irish music. Alongside this, he is a nationwide wedding singer and musician, contributing to the magic of weddings throughout Ireland.

Barry's teaching philosophy revolves around fostering creativity and helping students unlock their full potential. Having trained through the Suzuki method, he aims to incorporate its methodologies, creating a nurturing environment that encourages both technical proficiency and artistic expression.

While specializing in Classical music, Barry's repertoire also includes the evocative tunes of Irish traditional music. He believes in offering a well-rounded musical education that reflects the diversity of our rich cultural heritage.

Whether one is a beginner embarking on a musical journey or seeking to refine their skills, Barry is dedicated to guiding with enthusiasm and expertise. Let the musical adventure begin!

Barry Caufield
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