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Are Online Music Lessons as good as private lessons?

Recent events (ok,ok Covid) had a big impact on how we've traditionally run Galway Music Academy, with a necessary shift at the time to online lessons. So how did this experience compare to 'in person' or 'private lessons'. Many of you know the answer to that already and have eagerly returned to in person lessons in our schools in Claregalway, Renmore and Oranmore. And we're delighted to have you back! But during the pandemic and since then we've had a growing number of students who have started lessons as either total beginners or improver's online.

So how are our online students doing?

Well, despite being very skeptical about online lessons when they first emerged a few years ago, we've since seen a number of students who started online from scratch a couple of years ago do just fine - in fact, the actual results for some students has been surprising. Most of our online students are hitting the same skills milestones and getting comparable exam results to in person students. Did you know that quite a few of the students who have performed at student concerts have only learned through online lessons? Could you tell the difference?

What are the benefits on online lessons at Galway Music Academy?

Online learning will never be quite the same as face to face lessons but in terms of convenience there's plenty of benefits to consider in making a choice, such as:

🗸Saving travel time and costs

With the cost of living crisis well and truly upon us and the always busy routine of commuting children to loads of activities, online music lessons are one way of cutting costs and saving time and your impact on the planet.

🗸Saving on lesson fees

Here at Galway Music Academy we offer online lessons at a discounted rate to our private lessons in schools since the cost of delivering the lessons online to you is reduced and we pass those savings on to our customers.

🗸Same great Tutors, Reports and Performance Opportunities

We are committed to offering outstanding music tuition no matter what the format is and we focus on building relationships between our tutors and their students. Additionally, our online students still receive regular progress reports, nominations for Student of the Week and are encouraged to take part in our regular student concerts. Even though your lessons are online, your progress is still very important to us!

🗸Access to Free Online Course content for beginners

We've created some really user friendly and fun beginner music theory and instrument primers for our online students to help support them in the early stages of starting an instrument and learning some key basics such as sight reading, chord shapes, notes and scales. Since you've been so good as to read this far, you can check them out for free right here:

How does the online learning experience compare to in person lessons?

Many of you will already know the answer to that question and have decided that online is not what you prefer for your kids and that's totally understandable - there are valid reasons why online isn't right for some students. Slow internet connection, younger age groups and a preference for in person learning are all factors to consider. That aside, learning an instrument online might be easier than you think and it might just work for you and your family this year.

What do I need to Get started with Online Lessons?

Chances are you have all that you need already. Bonus! Just in case, here are the essentials to get started with online music lessons at Galway Music Academy:

  • A good internet connection.

  • A laptop with camera and mic/speaker/headphone input or a smartphone.

  • A nice quiet comfortable space to learn in.

  • An instrument - tin whistles and ukeleles are very cheap to buy and great options if you don't have an instrument already.

  • Be willing to commit to a few lessons at first to see allow yourself to make some progress

Booking online lessons is as simple as using our live booking calendars below to see what's available right now!

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