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1.Pay for the full term Up Front
We will send you an invoice link to a very simple SEPA Direct Debit form via Stripe and your payment is made. You only need to fill out this form once 

2.Choose a payment plan

Please Read our terms and conditions

before proceeding.

Pricing Plans

  • Improver

    Every week
    Our in-school or online learning package
    Valid for 35 weeks
    • 35 weeks
    • scheduled around the school year
    • cancel anytime
    • in-school or online
  • Pro Combo

    Every week
    Take Your Skills to the Next Level and Make New Friends
    Valid for 35 weeks
    • 35 weeks
    • One Private Lesson Per Week
    • One Group Lesson Per Week
    • 1.5 Hours of Music Tuition every week
    • cancel anytime
    • Multiple Benefits of Group Learning and Extra Support
  • 2 Sibling Improver

    Every week
    Choose this plan for a sibling discount on our standard plan
    Valid for 35 weeks
    • 35 weeks
    • scheduled around the school year
    • cancel anytime
  • 2 Sibling Pro Combo

    Every week
    2 Siblings, 1 private lesson, 1 Group lesson per week each
    Valid for 35 weeks
    • 35 weeks
    • in-school
    • free music theory course
    • free instrument primer
    • free tote bag
    • cancel anytime
    • develop group learning skills and make new friends
  • Deposit

    Balance for term to be paid in full by week 4 of the term
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • Oranmore Lessons

Step 1:choose  payment plan or Pay Up Front

Sign up for lessons based on your plan choice. No hidden fees or charges and you can cancel anytime.


Or simply pay up front for peace of mind - sibling discounts apply! 

step 2:Make your first payment

Fill in your details (must be an adult's name and email) and we charge your lesson fee from your credit or debit account Weekly for the duration of a plan or pay Upfront for the Term. The choice is yours.

prefer to Pay Up FRONT Per Term?

simply Choose your lesson type here:

term 1 2023/24

14 weeks

Sep-Dec 2023

Monday 4th of September


Saturday 15th of December. 

 MIDTERM BREAK Monday 30/10/23 - 04/11/23 (No Lessons)

How do payment plans work?

-Your first payment is deducted on purchase of your selected plan. Then the weekly amount is deducted from your account each subsequent week for the duration of the plan you have chosen.

For Example - Purchase of Standard Plan for 35 weeks, purchased on August 17th, First payment of €23 will be taken out of your account on 17th of August, and the same amount of €23 will be deducted every following week for 35 weeks, ceasing on April 26th (35 weeks).

-You may be charged in advance of lessons starting, but you will not pay for more than 35 lessons. Payment dates and term dates, therefore, are not the same. 

-Payments will cease after the billing period applicable to your plan (3 weeks) or when either you the customer, or we, Galway Music Academy, cancel payments. 

-You may request to cancel your payments at any time. We will match your payments to lessons completed and refund any difference due to you. 

How It Works
Term Payment
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