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Piano Lessons Galway

High quality piano lessons either in-person or online.

Whether it's for a complete beginner who needs to start from scratch, or for the seasoned pianist who is looking to add new skills - we have you covered.

Piano lessons are taught in our Academy locations with the option of online if you prefer

Some students study a contemporary syllabus, whilst others take a more classical approach. Our experienced teachers help to tailor the lessons to the student, and there are loads of options for children and adults.

Book Piano Tuition

From €23 per lesson. For any age or ability.

What you will learn:

Beginner piano lessons will include exploring the instrument and learning basic theory to help with melody and rhythms, so the student can play straight away. Beginner students will be taught a variety of foundational skills through fun methods from hand positions, exercises to help develop playing ability, and learning pieces to play at one of our Galway Music Academy concerts. Many students aim to take accredited exams with RAIM, Trinity, and many more.

Term dates & Tutors

We run weekly lessons during term times that match schools. This is approximately thirty lessons over nine months.

We have a great selection of teachers with many years experience.

Check out our piano primer video. An essential starting point for the complete novice.

Need Help?

If you would like to find out anymore about the lessons throughout our music academy don't hesitate.

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