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Introduction to Rock Band Group Lessons

In a fully equipped studio, students learn the basics of Music Theory (Rhythm, Melody, Harmony and Notation) and basic Rudiments, Chords and Scales on each Rock Band instrument, including Drum Kit/Percussion, Guitar, Bass, Piano/Keys and Vocals.


Our Introduction to Rock Band Group Lessons are restrcited to 6 students per 1 Hour Lesson, ensuring each student always has an instrument and recieves appropriate attention and guidance. Group lessons are the perfect way to introduce yourself or your children to group learning in a supportive environment. Rather than dive straight in to a single instrument, students rotate around each instrument and decide which they would like to specialize in over time.   


Students already enrolled in One-to-One Lessons can supplement their tuition by joining a group at any time. A discount of 33% applies to Group Lessons Fees for students already enrolled in One-to-One Lessons - see Fees page for full details!


With a strong emphasis on learning by doing, students have the opportunity to continue learning as a group and are encouraged to perform in end of term concerts and student showcases. 

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