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Drum Lessons!

At Galway Music Academy our top rated drum instructors provide high quality in-person or online drum lessons for aspiring students to reach all skill levels.

Whether you are a beginner, child or adult, our drum lessons will help you develop your technique.

Every child dreams of pounding on the drums like a true rockstar. At Galway Music Academy your drummer can enjoy lessons with a drum teacher who will have them rocking the kit in no time. 

Galway Music Academy also offers drum lessons for adults, so if you have always harboured a secret desire to be the drummer in the next big time band, we have you covered with in-person or online lessons. Learn how to play drums like a pro at Galway Music Academy, and the sky is the limit!

Young Drummer

Learn To Play Drums

Your drum teacher will take time with your lessons and focus on the rudimentary skills needed to help you learn to be a quality drummer. The drum lessons will focus on the following:

How to learn drum beats.

How to use drum fills.

How to read basic drum notation.

Learn how to play your favourite songs.

Practice and performance essentials.

Happy Drummer

Types of 

Drum Lessons

We offer drum lessons for adults as well as children to help you learn up to any skill level desired. Learn to play drums with a qualified teacher who will fit your love of music into a practice strategies during the drum lessons themselves.

We teach budding drummers that they are the engine of a band. The rhythmic backdrop of the band needs to be solid, and the more you learn here, the better you will be.


Are Lessons set up?

Drum lessons last one half hour and will teach you how to learn beats and many other tricks of the trade. You will learn to play drums by studying the basics first, then progressing to more advanced techniques. 

You can book online. Find the day and time that suits best, pay, and then play!

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