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  • 🎵 Dive into a world of musical wonder for five weeks with our exciting Rhythms and Rhymes class designed exclusively for 1st and 2nd class students!

  • 8 week Course from 2.40-3.40pm Mondays, starting Monday 15th of April

  • 🎶 Embark on a rhythmic adventure, exploring captivating beats and enchanting melodies that will ignite their creativity and imagination.

  • 🌟 Led by our experienced instructors, this interactive class provides a safe and engaging environment for children to discover the joy of making music. From playful percussion instruments to catchy rhymes, every session promises a fun-filled learning experience that will leave them smiling from ear to ear!

  • 🥁 Give your child the gift of musical expression and watch their confidence soar as they master new rhythms and rhymes. Join us for an unforgettable journey where laughter, learning, and music come together in perfect harmony! Enroll today and let the music begin! 🎉

Rockin' Rhymes

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