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Guitar Lessons

Guitar lessons made just for you

High Quality In-Person And Online Guitar Lessons

Playing Guitar

Have you or your child always wanted to play the guitar?

We love teaching the guitar at Galway Music Academy, and we teach beginners through to advanced. Everyone is welcome! Sign-up for a lesson and see!

It's never been cheaper or easier

Beginner Guitar Lessons:

Beginner guitar lessons will include skills such as exploring the instrument and learning basic theory to help with melody and rhythms, so the student can play straight away. Beginner students will be taught a variety of foundational skills through fun methods from hand positions, exercises to help develop playing ability, and learning pieces to play at one of our Galway Music Academy concerts. Many students aim to take accredited exams with RAIM, Trinity, and many more.

Intermediate/Advanced Guitar Lessons:

So you've learned the basics but where do you from here? Students at this level usually progress to performing solo or taking part in one of our ensembles. Many students are just eager to keep making progress. Students continue to grow through learning and improving theory, learning scales and exercises to help in developing new techniques and musicianship skills. Our teachers love teaching the guitar and they will guide the student through any goal.


Our lessons are customised to suit each student's ability, age, and learning style. We cover reading notation, tuning, exploring melody, developing technique, and having fun.

Lessons are 1-2-1 and taken regular once a week.

Check out our guitar primer video. An essential for anyone just starting out.

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