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Irish Traditional Ensemble

Join Master Fiddler

Ronan Ó Flaherty's

New Trad. Group And Take Your Skills To the Next Level

1 / A Results-Driven Training Method

Lessons will be goal driven, and progress can easily be monitored week by week. You can watch as talent is realised and potential is reached.

2 / Group Class Benefits

-Refine understanding through discussion and explanation.

-Develop stronger communication skills. 

-Form friendships and camaraderie with other students.

-Ensemble playing reduces performance anxiety.

Our Traditional  Group classes are a great way to get more comfortable with the tradition of playing your instrument in a group environment. You will learn some very well known ice-breaker session tunes that will be recognised when you play them almost anywhere in the world, and our expert teachers will guide you in how best to listen to other players as you begin to express yourself in the session environment. 

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