Practical Musicianship is a cornerstone of the Galway Music Academy teaching philosophy and simply means incorporating the everyday practical skills and technical know-how of music making into the learning process.


Skills such as

  • setting up vocal and instrument microphones and P.A. systems

  • proper and effective use of recording equipment and technologies 

  • correct use of amplifiers and volume 

  • instrument tuning and maintenance 


are taught to students from the very beginning of their musical journey and put into practice during students concerts, making our graduates as performance-ready as possible. 



Practical Musicianship

Professional Development

To facilitate student participation and the development of practical skills we encourage multi-instrumental tuition and regular public performances, the best way to develop a sense of achievement and joy in young people starting out in music.


We are under the same roof as Galway Rehearsal Studios, a professional and busy rehearsal and recording facility brimming with local talent, initiative and passion for music. We are constantly getting new ideas and information from Galway's diverse music scene, and have established relationships with a number of Irish music education bodies, professional touring bands, promoters and festival producers.  


Music Academy seeks to be an active facilitator of music projects and a promoter of professional development initiatives for the local music industry. We hold regular Professional Development Workshops and Instrument Clinics. Call us today to find out how we can help with your music event ideas! 

Music Technology

Music education is changing rapidly with the adoption of new technologies and performance styles easily accessible online. At Galway Music Academy we integrate these technologies into our teaching methods so that our graduates are excellent candidates for the best music courses on offer in Ireland today.


As well as offering courses in Ableton and Pro Tools , students are offered opportunities to gain  skills in a range of areas during the production of our School Concerts, including: 


  • Sound Engineering

  • Stage Management

  • Lighting

  • Composition

  • Recording and Mixing

  • Social Media