Colourstrings Music Kindergarten with Edel Coughlan CSAK(Cert.) and Veronica Dempsey

We are delighted to offer the Colourstrings program to children from age 18 months.  Our program is run by Edel Coughlan (Colourstrings Associate Teacher - Music Kindertarten (Certificate) and her assistant teacher Veronica Dempsey. All enquiries about the Colourstrings method amd program can be made directly to Edel on 087 4155511. 


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'Colourstrings is a child-centred approach to musical learning -  the materials are colourful, stimulating and entice children to embark on musical adventures that will enable each of them to fulfil their musical potential through fun and creativity, without pressure.  It is an extension of the Kodály philosophy: everything starts with singing to develop inner hearing.  Central to the approach is the role of play and imagination – often the value of play can be overlooked in the rush to get on with the ‘real’ lesson. 


Classes start at 18 months and involve most of the senses, taking the children on a musical journey.  The children relish having fun, singing, clapping, marching, and socialising, without realising that the songs used in the kindergarten classes have been carefully composed to explore the different musical concepts - rhythm, pitch, melody, dynamics, tempo, character, form and style - in an enjoyable and stimulating but structured way.


All of this ultimately leads to an intrinsic understanding and love of music.  By the age of 5 or 6, children are learning to sight sing, along with the basics of reading and writing stick notation.  It is at this stage that they can choose an instrument to learn. Instead of this being a daunting prospect, children are reassured to find the same melodies that they are familiar with reappearing in their instrumental lessons.  This gives them a vital confidence and feeling of success from the very first time they pick up an instrument.From the first instrumental lesson, children are encouraged to perform, compose and improvise while also reading and writing musical notation.


Colourstrings has an excellent reputation worldwide for providing quality music educationfor children, in an intuitive and enjoyable way, from music kindergarten to conservatoire level.'

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The Colourstrings curriculum is sequential – yearly registration is encouraged.