Ailbhe Hession

Ailbhe Hession is a singer and multi-instrumentalist from Galway and has been a valued member of our team since we started in 2013. She has had her voice trained under the tutorship of Noreen Whelan - O'Toole, began learning the piano 20 years ago when she was 5 years old, studied violin for 10 years as well as studying the saxophone and the Irish Harp for a number of years. Ailbhe holds a degree in Music from UCD where she studied for 3 years. 

Ailbhe is also a long term member of well known Galway based band Pyramid as a vocalist and keyboardist/pianist. As a church organist for the past 12 years, Ailbhe has taken this experience to carve out a great reputation as a Wedding Ceremony Singer and Organist/Pianist. She has also worked as a keyboardist and pianist in the orchestra for various musicals around Connaught. 

Ailbhe performing with guitarist Enda Dempsey

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